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Contents Product Description Diesel particulate filters (DPF) reduce diesel PM emissions through filtration. DPF is very efficient in controlling diesel PM emissions and can be categorized into several classifications: passive, active, or partial. The Plasma DPF is an active DPF system equipped with an active regeneration burner based on Plasma technology. This system is developed to enable the use of DPF in on-road and off-road applications. This system is not sensitive to variations in exhaust gas temperature and is applicable to all sizes of diesel engine. Product Feature - Reliability of the Active DPF Regeneration Strategy - Flexibility with the Sulfur content in the Fuels - High efficiency on the Particulates - Reduces PM, HC and CO by over 90% Product Specification / Models - Applicable to Engine power 100 to 235 hp. - Fuel penalty : below 5% - Rated current : max 30A @24V - SiC Filter Application - Retrofit market : On-road engine which are not factory fitted with a DPF. - Engine generator - Off-road vehicle such as train, Loader, forklift, etc.
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