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1460     Development of Assessment Technologies for Climate .. 2017-10-17
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 11
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - Providing the chemical material control foundation capable of predicting the risk alteration and minimizing the risk based on estimation by identifying the environmental movement change of climate change induced chemical materials, and quantitatively assessing the variation of exposed amount. - Variation of Exposu..
1459     Study on Assessment of Potential Reduction Quantiti.. 2017-10-17
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 14
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - As Korean Government has announced National GHG Emission Targets, needs to reduction greenhouse gases is grow, it resulted high needs of technologies for reduction of greenhouse gases and becomes actively developing technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. - The fact is that the verifying the exact Non-C..
1458     Development of climate change adaptation and managem.. 2017-10-17
Category Research report > Biodiversity Hits 14
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - Mitigate and adapt climate change and enhance biodiversity to achieve climate change safe eco-innovative city - Execution of technology development and research including everything in the selection & monitoring of plants, object site design technique and all the way up to the economic feasibility, and reviewing th..
1457     The Study on the Support Tools in the Aspect of Pol.. 2017-10-17
Category Research report > Water Hits 11
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - Establishment & Operation of Comprehensive Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Technology Information Network : Efficient comprehensive information network operation is required to secure the constant information providing function for the industry-academy-research areas through systematic information network, and u..
1456     Environmental Risk Research on Pest Resistant LMO 2017-10-10
Category Research report > Others Hits 50
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The grain import of Korea sharply increases owing to the recent decline of domestic food self sufficiency rate, At the same time, as the relatively low cost LMO import increases, the people''''s concern over safety of LMO equally goes up. - While the insecticidal proteins such as Cry or Vip3Aa are used in the t..

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