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Title Development of Carbon Reducing Vegetation Based Ingre..
National Digital Science Library
Attached File 16Data-99_Development_of_Carbon_Reducing_Vegetation_Based_Ingredient_Technology_for_Increasing_Function_of_the_Ecosystem.pdf Date
Development of Carbon Reducing Vegetation Based Ingredient Technology for Increasing Function of the Ecosystem

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* As global warming phenomenon from emission CO₂ recently, the temperature of the earth increased by 0.74˚C in the past 100 years and is predicted to increase by up to 1.4~5.8˚C by the end of the century.
- If the earth temperature rises by 2˚C, it is warned that ecosystem of the earth will be difficult to be maintained due to decrease of food production capabilities, destruction of medical system occurrence of safety accidents, etc. worldwide as result of typhoon, flood and draught.

* Based on researches conducted so far, the biggest source of storage of, CO₂ is the ocean and the next highest source of storage is recognized to be the soil.
- Especially, as soils containing vegetation such as forests, farm lands, green lands, etc. are discovered to be important carbon sinks, research on carbon flux of soil and vegetation is being conducted actively worldwide.

* After the Kyoto Protocol became effective in 2002, to respond to climate changes these days, the world is establishing nationwide efforts and international collaborating system and as technological alternative, Carbon dioxide Capture & Storage(CCS) technology is being highlighted.

* For Korea, although forest areas take about 67% of the national land, but after the end of 80s, the entire forest area based on the land covering map is reduced by approximately 4,7043 ㎢, which is about 4.7% due to land development resulting from economic development.

For more information, see the attached file.
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