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Title MOTIE·ME·MOLIT Key Policy Discussion, Chaired by..
Attached File 17PP-38_MOTIE·ME·MOLIT.hwp.pdf Date
1. Overview

- MOTIE, ME and MOLIT held 「Key Policy Discussion」 chaired by the president at Sejong Convention Center in August, 2017.
* Discussed the key challenges and promotion direction about energy & trade, strengthening the environmental assessment of water management·development project, housing welfare·traffic publicness, etc.
- Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
* Conversion to safe and clean future energy
* Active response to protectionism, strategic economic cooperation and strengthening tolerant growth support
- Ministry of Environment
* Strengthening water management responding to algal bloom⋅drought, etc
* Strengthening environmental review on development project
- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
* Carrying forward housing welfare support policy for the housing stability of common people
* Strengthening publicness and safety in transportation

For more information, see the attached file.
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