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1039    GCF: Invitation for Twelfth Round of Application for Accereditation as an..
Date 2017-02-09 Hit 18
Contents In line with the Governing Instrument for the Green Fund(the GCF) and the Rules of Procedures of the Board, the Co-Chairs in consultation with the Board, invite accredited observer organizations to the sixteenth meeting of the board of the Green Climate Fund, to be held in October 2016. Following the GCF's Governing Instrument and Fu..
1038    MOFA: ROK and Singapore to Hold 4th Bilateral Meeting on Climate Change
Date 2017-02-09 Hit 19
Contents 1. The fourth Republic of Korea-Singapore bilateral meeting on climate change will take place in Seoul on February 10. The head delegates to the meeting from the ROK and Singapore will be Deputy Director-General for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Affairs Kwon Sei-joong of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cheah Sin Liang, h..
1037    GGGI: Colombian President Launches Green Growth Task Force
Date 2017-02-09 Hit 16
Contents BOGOTA – February 01, 2017 – The President of Colombia, H.E. Juan Manual Santos, today launched an expert Green Growth Task Force to develop a national policy framework that combats deforestation and other environmental challenges by promoting sustainable economic development, environmental conservation and social inclusion. ..
1036    ME: to hold a policy seminar to mark World Wetlands Day
Date 2017-02-09 Hit 18
Contents ▷ A policy seminar on the present and future of wetlands conservation will be held to commemorate World Wetlands Day on February 2. ▷ Participants will discuss wetlands conservation policies under the theme of "Wetlands, our natural safeguard against disasters." The Ministry of Environment (Minister Cho KyeungKyu) announced that..
1035    GGGI: sharing green growth successes and stories of change at the World Fu..
Date 2017-02-03 Hit 16
Contents On January 16-19, GGGI will organize a series of activities as part of its participation in the World Future Energy Summit (WFES 2017) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The activities will highlight GGGI’s support for and work with Member Countries and institutional partners, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa ..

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