Title [] APCC: APCC Signs MOU with KRC to Combat Climate Change
Date 2017-03-17 PM 1:47:52 Hit 364
Contents The APEC Climate Center (APCC) signed an MOU with the Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC) at the Land Development Project Office in Suwon, Kyunggi, Korea on March 3, 2017 to respond to climate change in the agricultural sector.

With APCC's expertise in climate prediction and in climate change, and KRC's expertise in establishing and managing agricultural infrastructures, the two organizations signed an MOU for effective cooperation in the climate change response projects of the agricultural sector.

The essence of the MOU between APCC and KRC is as follows:

Firstly, APCC and KRC will cooperate in rural area construction for adapting to and combating climate change.

Secondly, both organizations will participate in domestic and overseas projects to elevate the climate change response capabilities.

Thirdly, both organizations will develop and operate global education and training programs, while conducting an exchange of experts between the organizations.

Fourthly, the organizations will jointly utilize each others’ facilities in conducting climate change response research and projects.

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