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Title Gwangju-Paraguay to cooperate in eco-friendly vehicle development
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Date 2017-03-17 PM 1:22:36 Hit 873
The City of Gwangju signed an agreement with the Central State of Paraguay in South America to cooperate further in various areas including the economy, energy and eco-friendly vehicle development.

Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang Hyeon said he wishes the agreement will reach a better exchange between the regions and help develop the two local economies.

Central State Governor Blas Lanzoni Anchinelli (블라스 란조니 안치네이) mentioned that the state and Gwangju share common grounds in their citizen centered administrations and culture and even added that he wishes the state and the city will understand each other in building a better future.

The agreement was signed after the Central State Governor showed interest in the City of Gwangju for preparing for the future by fostering vehicle development as well as the energy and cultural content industries in December.
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