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634     Big Data Analytics in Critical Demand Across APEC 2017-06-23
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Contents With 75 million youth currently unemployed today, policymakers have to bridge the gap between a critically low supply of highly skilled professionals and the urgent demand among employers for a skilled workforce. By 2020, the global shortage of highly-skilled workers is expected to reach 38-40 million. Current advances in the digital age re..
633     APEC Helps Small Fashion Houses Go Global 2017-06-23
Category APEC-VC Hits 23
Contents Trade officials from APEC member economies and the USD1.3 trillion fashion industry have sewn a new partnership to make it easier for up and coming designers in the Asia-Pacific to build their brands and trade internationally. Under the arrangement, officials, together with fashion designers and industry groups, have commenced work to ..
632     APEC Nurtures Women’s Economic Participation 2017-06-23
Category APEC-VC Hits 20
Contents As technology becomes integrated throughout all corners of the economy, the importance of skilled labor in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has increased over time. However, there is still a significant gender gap in these fields that needs to be addressed within APEC’s 21 member economies. “We know from the dat..
631     APEC Solidifies Tourism Growth Amid Digital Disruptions 2017-06-23
Category APEC-VC Hits 24
Contents Senior tourism officials from the APEC member economies have agreed to step up cooperation with the private sector to better manage the disruptive effects of digital innovation on Asia-Pacific travel and tourism, intent on ensuring newly reported industry growth in the region. APEC economies received a total of 415 million internationa..
630     App Provides SMEs with a Global Trading Identity 2017-06-08
Category APEC-VC Hits 60
Contents Because the internet provides new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access global value chains and grow, apps can help empower SMEs and contribute to inclusive growth, by providing services to improve access to finance, business information, logistics - and international marketplaces. Two software developers..

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