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5330     NGOs file EU complaint over Poland’s pollution crisis 2017-02-24
Category World Hits 54
Contents Four Polish environmental groups filed a complaint to the European Commission last Friday over Poland’s failure to comply with EU air quality laws. The groups blamed the national and local governments for a “long-standing neglect in the fight against air pollution because they are trying to protect the coal industry instead of human heal..
5329     Colombia Regulates National Registry of Authorized Importers.. 2017-02-24
Category World Hits 48
Contents Colombia - Restricted Substances Overview Colombia's Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism has published a resolution (No. 130) that establishes requirements and procedures for registering in the National Registry of Authorized Importers and Marketers (RUNIC) of raw mercury and mercury-containing products listed in Decree No. 21..
5328     Mexico Finalizes Updated National Sustainable Energy Use Pr.. 2017-02-24
Category World Hits 48
Contents Mexico's Secretariat of Energy has finalized the updated National Program for Sustainable Use 2014-2018, which outlines objectives, strategies, and lines of action to be carried out by Federal Government institutions to achieve a set of aggressive national energy efficiency goals (see Regulatory Alert link below). Notably, the Program includ..
5327     US state legislatures look to fill TSCA gaps 2017-02-17
Category World Hits 89
Contents At least 21 US states are expected to introduce policies this year to reduce exposures to chemicals of concern in consumer products, with many bills focused on areas the states believe are not adequately covered in TSCA. According to Safer States, a network of environmental health coalitions, at least 15 states will consider bills that a..
5326     Spain to impose fees on plastic bags 2017-02-17
Category World Hits 66
Contents Spain will impose minimum prices for plastic bags and ban the sale of lightweight oxo-degradable bags from 2018 under a law drafted by its agriculture and environment ministry. The draft stipulates a minimum price of €0.10 for bags of up to 30 microns, €0.15 for heavier bags and €0.30 for oxo-degradable bags over 50 microns. Bags of up to 15..

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