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Title  EU member states back SVHC status for DCHP
Source  Other
Date  2017-12-20 PM 3:57:52 Hit  70
Energy ministers agreed on Monday after gruelling talks that the EU should derive at least 27% of its energy from sustainable sources by 2030, as they adopted their position on a proposal to reform the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).
With the union on track to meet a 20% renewable energy target by the end of the current decade, the EU Council is in effect calling for less than half the increase in the decade to 2030 than demanded by the European Parliaments industry and energy committee, which recently called for a 35% renewables share.
Environmental groups were dismayed that EU governments stuck with the target agreed by heads of state more than a year before the 2015 Paris Agreement. Only Portugal and Denmark called to move beyond 27%, despite the European Commission having acknowledged recently that the cost of meeting a 30% target would not be much different.
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