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Title TOGA® Puri Intelligent, Movable/TOGA-M01D
Product name TOGA® Puri Intelligent, Movable/TOGA-M01D
Model name TOGA® Puri Intelligent, Movable/TOGA-M01D Company GTSCIEN Co. Ltd
Telephone +82-42-936-4520 Homepage www.gtscien.com
Email chemist@nate.com Application Part TOGA clean system, toxic gas purification system, purifier
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Toxic gas purification system is purifying toxic gas, VOC,'s, fumes, and keep a clean environment of laboratory and a health of researcher.
- Removing toxic gas more than 99.7% by use the patented TOGA filter
- Adjustable wind velocity as experimental application(5step)
- Preset operation time
- Auto control by density of VOC’s Ductless type to easy installation and prevent heat loss
- Compact design with flexible arm rotating in a 360° arc
- Specification
   Absorption capacity : 10m3/min
   Power consumption : 169W
   Power input : 220V, 50/60Hz
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