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Title PCF(Pore Controllable Fiber) Filter
Product name PCF(Pore Controllable Fiber) Filter
Model name PCF(Pore Controllable Fiber) Filter Company SUNGSHIN Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Main image Date 2018-12-27 PM 3:39:16
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It means Pore Controllable Fiber Filter(lift type). Flexible fiber bundles surrounding around the strainer are pulled-up to the longitudinal direction to reduce its pore size. After then the filtration is started.
It is a precise and advanced fine fiber filter unit having backwash water with compressed air after releasing them. Accordingly, it is called as an automatic backwashable cartridge filter.

♦ Discharge with enhanced quality of effluent as the third treatment
♦ Reuse the effluent directly by high removal turbidity and T-P
♦ Pre-treat STP effluent to reuse by RO systems
♦ Prolong the life time of recirculation water like cooling tower, swimming fool, aquarium and etc.
♦ Produce drinking water from high turbid water directly.
♦ Produce the deionized water with demineralization systems(Ion Exchange, RO)
♦ Produce the desalinated water from the sea water with SWRO systems
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