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Title Oxidation Flushing Type
Product name Oxidation Flushing Type
Model name Oxidation Flushing Type Company MAT
Telephone 82-31-659-0600 Homepage http://www.mat.co.kr/
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Oxidation Flushing Type

  • Thermal-Wet system with compact design

  • Redundant Heating System with high performance

  • Good solubility with long gas path design for wet chamber down-up
    gas flow

  • Burn/Wet chamber easy separation device

  • Easy Operation and Maintenance with PM & Cleaning

  • Automatic PLC control with Touch screen

  • Certified CE Mark, “S” Mark, Semi S2


  • Power : A/C 200~240V, 1phase, 60Amp

  • CDA : 4~7kgf/cm²(60slm), 3/8″Tube

  • N₂: 4~7kgf/cm²(30slm), 1/4″Tube(Optional)

  • PCW : 3~5kgf/cm²(4ℓ/min), 1/2″Tube(Optional)

  • City Water : 3~5kgf/cm²(3ℓ/min), 3/8″Tube

  • Gas Inlet : NW50 Flange 2ports(Optional 4Ports)

  • Drain : Acid Drain 1) Natural Drain : 40A PVC Pipe 2) Power Drain : 3/4”Socket

  • Gas Exhaust :-50~-100mmH2O, 1m³/min, NW63 Flange

  • Cabinet Exhaust : -50mmH2O, 2.5m³/min, Φ100mm

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