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Title Safety sidewalk blocks, Resin gutter
Product name Safety Sidewalk blocks, synthetic resin gutter
Certificate Korean Industrial Standards(KS)
Model name (20659460, 20677437, 22008292, 22008293) – safety sideway block Company Haengsan Industry
Telephone 032-502-8454 Homepage www.haengsan.com
Email leejr2432@naver.com Application Part Eco-friendly products, Recycled material
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○ Safety sidewalk block   

   - Environmentally-friendly product manufactured from recycled waste plastic and vinyl   

   - Permanently Recyclable plastic product

   - Products are manufactured under the KSF 4561 safety standard

○ Synthetic resin gutter

   - High drainage efficiency

   - Prevent road damage and flooding

   - The use of recycled material improves the exterior and function of the product 

2. Performance specifications

○ Safety sidewalk block

   - Width: 300mm, Length: 300mm, Thickness: 60mm

   - sliding resistance over 40BPN

○ Synthetic resin gutter

   - Width: 200-440mm, Height: 165-200mm, Length: 1000mm 

   - Drainable paved road

   - Highly pressurized block road


3. Product Strength

○ Safety sidewalk block

   - Manufactured with recycled plastic waste that can last for a long time

   - Bright long lasting color that doesn't fade

   - Surface is applied with a specialized corrosion counter technology 

○ Synthetic resin gutter

   - Absent filtering process through perforated drainpipe

   - Prevent hydroplaning and black ice formation

* Please refer to the following link for the more details : http://haengsan.com/page_uayP09

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