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Title Dust treatment
Product name Dust treatment
Model name Dust treatment Company CK WORLD Co..Ltd
Telephone +82-54-932-3898 Homepage www.ckinjector.co.kr
Email eastnam7@naver.com Application Part
Main image 씨케이월드_1.jpg  Date 2017-12-15 PM 5:02:58
Bag filters are being elongated (normally 6 to 10m) for reduction in construction costs and efficient land utilization. CK World has developed CK Injector, a new-concept blow tube for bag filters, and attained patents in Korea, China and Japan. The client list to their new creation includes POSCO, Hyundai Steel, OCI, Dongsuh Food, CJ and Cargill. To enter the Japanese market, performance inspection report must be submitted with business proposal or delivery of finished product, but it has been difficult to do so, since there was no adequate test equipment to accommodate their requirements. With support from "Industrialization Support Project for Small to Medium Environmental Enterprises" sponsored by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, CK World was able to build this tower, which will be open to the industry for product inspection and performance testing and utilized as apparatus for certification in collaboration with national testing authorities.
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