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Title CF series & PF series
Product name CF series & PF series
Model name CF series & PF series Company ECONITY Co., Ltd
Telephone +82-31-334-6180 Homepage www.econity.com
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Main image 에코니티_1.jpg  Date 2017-12-15 PM 5:33:47
Contents Water treatment separation membrane
- Domestic-manufactured water treatment membrane using the exclusive manufactural technology
- The world’s first application of the Stretching method and Hybrid method (TIPS + Stretching)
- Asymmetrical slit shape pore structure enables stable and exceptional treatment efficiency rate
Submerged hollow fiber membrane cassette(CF Series)
- Convenient maintenance management through a drawer type cassette method
- The nation’s first California Title 22 certified product
Submerged hollow fiber membrane cassette(CF Series)
Pressurized PVDF module(PF Series)
- Reducing the installation area through the nation’s largest membrane surface area
- Outstanding recovery rate by increased fouling tolerance and physical cleaning, through hydraulic module design
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