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Title Water collecting facility of lower part
Product name Water collecting facility of lower part
Certificate Patent No. 10-0461902
Model name Company SIB Co., Ltd.
Telephone 82-42-631-0773 Homepage http://www.sib-eng.com
Email sib@sib-eng.com Application Part Water purification facility
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Contents 1. Outline

- Water collecting facility of lower part collects treated water equally and is designed to separate the water and the air equally at backwashing. The air distributed to the bottom of filtration tank equally floats and makes the friction among filter media attached with solids. Backwashing water mixed with floating air removes solids.

2. Introduction

3. Characteristics

- Simple assembling process
- It is advantageous at backwashing process of air and water combination.
- Low construction cost
- Equal filtration and backwashing by applying the uneven upper plate.

4. Application

- Water purification facility
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