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Product name CENUV
Certificate Utility Model No. 20-0418390
Model name Company CENVI Co., Ltd.
Telephone 82-63-223-0318 Homepage http://www.cenvi.co.kr
Email cenvi21@nate.com Application Part Disinfection of drinking water or swimming pool
Main image MP2008000135-click.jpg  Date 2009-01-16 AM 11:42:29
Contents 1. Outline

- CENUV is composed of disinfection part equipped with UV lamp, rotating part by baffle, and effluent part of final treated water. The disinfection part filled with media coated by photocatalyst helps the disinfection and prevents the scale on the quartz pipe of UV lamp.

2. Introduction

3. Characteristics

- The installation and maintenance are convenient due to tower type of installation.
- It can secure the regular water quality because it is designed that sludge cannot be settled inside of the machine.
- It is available to secure the regular treatment efficiency because it is designed to prevent the quartz scale without additional power by filling the fluid with interior water pressure of UV disinfection facility.
- Ultraviolet rays are effective to E.coli and general bacteria.
- E.coli is disinfected by 100% with 35W lamp.
- Saving energy and maintenance are easy compared to the conventional system by adapting the lamp of large output and low pressure.
- It is an environment-friendly system because it does not produce trihalomethane, chlorite, and chlorate prodcued at chlorine disinfection by using UV lamp instead of chemicals.

4. Application

- Drinking water, swimming pool, and aquarium
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