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Title Automatic Sampler
Product name Automatic Sampler
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Contents 1. Outline
• Automatic Sampler is an advanced concept sampler that can be applied to automaticsampling for process control or environmental monitoring in sites.
• It is used for automatic liquid sampling in the remote site process control of sewage and wastewater treatment plants, non-point pollution management, water quality contamination monitoring, plankton survey, and quality control.
2. Introduction

3. Characteristics
• The sample quantity can be adjusted by 100–1,000 mL depending on the purpose of the user.
• A user can adjust sampling starting time and sampling interval in advance.
• The temperature can be adjusted to up to 0–60°C by 0.1°C.
• The sampling required by the environmental management corporation water quality TMS and the current status can be checked.
• A user can check if a sample is normally collected.
• It functions by receiving a signal from the sensor of a rain gauge or a water gauge.
• The neck of water sample bottles blocks the outside using a closed bag that is connected with a tube after water sampling.
4. Application
• Quality control of sewage and wastewater treatment plants
• Non-point pollutant control
• Water quality pollution monitoring
• Plankton survey and quality control
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