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Title Vacuum Collector(WSD-1350)
Product name Vacuum Collector(WSD-1350)
Model name WSD-1350 Company Wooyang ENG CO., LTD
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Main image sub_wsd.jpg  Date 2015-12-09 PM 5:08:35
Contents Economical style with high inhalation power, Easy to use filter, Using Motor for both 50 and 60Hz, Integral cooling system, Attached speed controller (Option)

Economical style with high inhalation power
It has a turbo fan of medium to high pressure, so it uses least electric power and has high inhalation power.
Easy to use filter
Dust sticks to the filter and is separated by controlling a shaking lever. Also, it is easy to install and separate filters when you change them.
Using Motor for both 50 and 60Hz.
The Motor runs at both 50Hz and 60Hz, so you can use it two ways.
Integral cooling system
It is designed with its own cooling system, so it doesn't generate heat.
Attached speed controller
It has a controller which can regulate the volume of wind.