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Title Hot Gas Collector(HCC-Series)
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Model name Company Wooyang ENG, Co, LTD
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Email wooyang@woyang.co.kr Application Part Thermoelectric power plant,
Main image sub_hcc.jpg  Date 2015-12-09 PM 5:11:51
Contents Stable operation is possible in up to 450°C.
High performance equipment with off-line air dust shaking
method in downward air flow.

Due to Downward airflow system, dust collection function is excellent.
Off Line Air Pulse Jet type excellent in shaking off dust function.
Excellent Heat-Resisting, chemical resistance and Abrasive resistance
High operation temperature.
Excellent air permeability & Low operating pressure.
Harmful gas(NOx , VOC’S , H2S)-decreasing catalyst function.


Thermoelectric power plant, Glass tank, Phlogiston boiler, Steel, Engine gas collection etc High temperature dust collection