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Title Automatic Waste Collection System Waste Bin Facility
Product name Automatic Waste Collection System Waste Bin Facility
Model name Company Hyorim Industry Inc.
Telephone 82-031-781-6061 Homepage www.hyorim.co.kr
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Contents 1. Outline
• Green bin modern design and advanced concept slot of convenient function
• Ergonomic design slot, which is appropriate for the residential environment
• Diverse and convenient functions have been applied as a waste bin facility. It is a slot with eco-friendly and luxurious design developed using domestic technology.
2. Introduction

3. Characteristics
• No control panel is required in a manhole
• Simplified slot, manhole, and internal equipment control
• Good expandability to extend a slot by giving IP per slot
• Modularized, standardized, and miniaturized controller is applied
• Quick follow-up service and maintenance
4. Application
• New town
• Redevelopment area
• Large-scale apartment building (multipurpose building)
• Building for business use
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