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Title BioCrack
Product name BioCrack
Model name BioCrack Company Vogelsang Korea
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Contents 1. Outline
• BioCrack upgrades the performance of a sewage treatment plant and helps the bacteria in the digestion tower to reach the nutritive substance of the sludge and the suspension.
• The conversion and the decomposition of organic matter will improve because the bacteria in the digestion tank and the digestion tower easily reach the nutritive substance of the sludge and the suspension through a high voltmeter.
2. Introduction

3. Characteristics
• Reduction of operation cost and efficiency improvement through gas yield increase
• Remarkable gas yield in the digestion tower and the tank
• Remarkable reduction of power consumption of pump and mixer
• Minimum energy cost
• Low investment cost
• Easy and flexible additional installation
• No regular maintenance and follow-up service is required;can be used all the time.
4. Applications
• Surplus sludge
• Digested sludge
• Floating and puffed sludge
• Return sludge
• Mixing sludge
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