Title Supply of Market Stabilization Reserve in Emission Trading Scheme
AttachFile 18IS-11-Supply_of_Market_Stabilization_Reserve_in_Emission_Trading_Scheme.pdf  Date 2018-08-29
1. Overview
- The Ministry of Environment (ME) said the government will supply 5.5 million ton of marketing stabilization reserve owned by the government to 195 companies with bigger emissions than greenhouse gas emission right allocation at a cost in June, 2018 for the market stabilization in Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).
- This is enforced with regard to the submission of emissions right in 2017, the 3rd performance year of the 1st planning period (2015~2017) of ETS under 'Act on Allocation and Trade of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Emission Trade Act)'.

For more information, see the attached file.
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