Title Technology Market of Korean Fine Dust Measuring System
AttachFile 18IS-19-Technology_Market_of_Korean_Fine_Dust_Measuring_System.pdf  Date 2018-08-29
1. Overview
- Market for fine dust measuring system is expanding with the increase of recognition of environmental pollution seriousness by fine dust, and the development of technology in line with miniaturization, intellectualization and low price of devices pursuant to the demand of market is being conducted.
- Interest of people in the environmental pollution owing to increase in fine dust environmental pollution in Korea is increasing and along with this, the interest in fine dust sensor measuring system and environmentally improved home appliances are increasing.
- To differentiate the environmental products, the miniaturization and weight lightening of fine dust measuring system are required to the company for the purpose of applying the products and to increase the product price competitiveness, production at low price is required.
- For the convergence with IoT technology, big data and AI technology, low power, intellectualization and network technology development are required.

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