Title Participation Status of Domestic Institutions and Companies Concerning GCF Project
AttachFile 18IS-40-Participation_Status_of_Domestic_Institutions_and_Companies_Concerning_GCF_Project.pdf  Date 2018-11-13
1. Overview

- Green Climate Fund (GCF) supports the various projects to implement Paris Agreement, for the reduction of GHG and adaptation to the climate change of the developing countries under the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities”. 

- GCF decided to make the finances of 103 hundred million dollars by 2017 since launch of Secretariat (located at Songdo, Incheon) in December, 2013 and has supported total 53 projects and fund of 26.3 hundred million dollars (total business size of 91.6 hundred million dollars) as of October, 2017. 

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