Title Recycling Trends of Waste Plastic in Korea (2)
AttachFile 18IS-45-Recycling_Trends_of_Waste_Plastic_in_Korea_(2).pdf  Date 2018-11-14
1. Overview

- According to the Ministry of Environment(ME), Korean amount of waste plastic per head has steadily increased from 92kg/head in 2006 to 135.4kg/head in 2015, and recycling rate of waste plastic has increased from 35.2% in 2006 to 59.5% in 2015, but the recycling rate is low because of lots of usage. ('Nationwide current state of waste production and disposal' in the Ministry of Environment.)

- The significant rise of raw material price due to high oil price for the last couple of years caused the concerns for recycling usage of waste plastic being discharge in large quantity to increase.

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