Title K-water, Played a Leading Role for Growth of Asian Water Works Industry
AttachFile 17IS-47_K-water,_Played_a_Leading_Role.pdf  Date 2018-06-22
 1. Overview
- The K-water launched the Water Industry Platform Center & the Water Project Forum, and announced a declaration titled as 'Asia to World' during the period of AIWW (Asia International Water Week) held at the Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO) in Gyeongju City.
- The 'AIWW (Asia International Water Week)' is an international event to be held by every 3 years in order to address and resolve the water related issue in Asia, pursuing a leading effort to promote the growth of Asian water works industries.  
* Provided the business development opportunities assisting the overseas water market entries by small & medium enterprises.
* Sales increasing and job creating effect demonstrated with the support of overseas water market entries by small & medium water industry related enterprises.

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