Title Analysis of Recent Changes in Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emission and Its Implications
AttachFile 17IS-53_Analysis_of_Recent_Changes_in_Industrial.pdf  Date 2018-06-22
1. Overview
- In line with the coming of Paris Agreement, the Korea has faced the impending issue of achieving the challenging greenhouse gas reduction target, accompanying with the risk of substantial declination in industrial competitiveness. As such, as an effort to accomplish the greenhouse gas reduction target, it is regarded that the government is required to prepare the Basic Road Map 2030, and establish the sophisticatedly detailed countermeasure plan by each industry type when preparing the greenhouse gas reduction policy in order to minimize the possible risk of policy errors.
2. Background and Current State
- Effort for raising energy efficiency in steel & petrochemical industries is necessary, requiring to lead the entire industries to expand the consuming of low greenhouse gas emitting energy sources.
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