Title Excellent Environmental Enterprises of Korea and Successful Applications (6)
AttachFile 17IS-93_Excellent_Environmental_(6).pdf  Date 2017-12-06
Company Profile (1)
- Name of Company : Dongil Canvas Engineenring Co.,Ltd.
- Major Products & Technologies :
  * Electric Infiltration-type Sludge Reduction System
   ­This system is used to remove moisture from the sludge.
  * Multiple Filtration PlateTransport-type Filter Press
   ­A system consisting of multiple filtration plates equipped with filter cloths that are placed closely together.
  * All-in-one concentrator of coagulant mixing tank
   ­The concentrator is equipped with a screen washing device that does not cause any internal pressure.

 Company Profile (2)
- Name of Company : Aerix Co., Ltd.
- Major Products & Technologies :
  * Micro PulseAir Bag (MPB) filter
  * Vertical Integral Pulse (VIP) Air Bag Fliter
  * Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)
  * De-Sulfurization, NOx Reduction Equipment
  * BELLARIA Equipment
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