Title CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) Policies and Market Trend of Korea
AttachFile 17IS-95-CCS_(Carbon_Capture_&_Storage)_Policies.pdf  Date 2017-12-06
1. Overview
- The Presidential Committee on Green Growth (PCGG), and associated government departments established the National Green Growth Strategy and Five-Year Plan Milestones focused on the CCS technologies prospective in terms of climate change response and economic aspects.
- Korea has set a goal of advancing to the world CCS technology power up, and has succeeded in developing the core original technologies by 2020, and constructing, verifying & commercializing of integrated plant comprising the entire CCS processes focusing on securing the internationally competitive technologies.
- The Korean Government sets the target of achieving the sales of approximately KW 100 trillion, creating jobs and reducing 2.3 million tons of carbon dioxide up by 2030.

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