Title CO2 Mineralization Area Policies and Market Trend of Korea
AttachFile 17IS-96-CO2_Mineralization_Area_Policies_and_Market_Trend_of_Korea.pdf  Date 2017-12-06
1. Overview
- The Korean government pushes the CO2 Mineralization R&D Project ahead investing KW 11.3 billion budget exceeding the world investment of same kinds as of 2015
- The world top class carbonatization original technology using the low concentration CO2 directly as a resource had been secured in 2000~2014 period, completing the verifications of production technologies for green cement & environment friendly waste paper pulp using the CO2 and power generation byproducts
- The reduction of greenhouse gas of approximately 10 million tons by 2030 and the creation of added economic value worth of approximately KW 4 trillion are expected by promoting the CO2 Mineralization technologies at home and abroad

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