Title Outcome of Environment Friendly Procurement by Korean Industries (2016)
AttachFile 17IS-67_Outcome_of_Environment.pdf  Date 2017-11-30
1. Overview
- Since the signing of voluntary environment friendly procurement agreement began by 30 enterprises in last September, 2005, to date
   total 151 companies have participated in the implementation of voluntary Agreement, of which the scale of Korean industries'
   environment friendly procurement is continuously increasing. 
- In order to accomplish the "Environment Friendly Growth" through the spreading of environment friendly production and consumption
  of Korea, the role of industries are important more than anything else, requiring to raise the interest on Corporate Social Responsibility
- Also, at this point of time the cultivation of environment friendly market is strongly required in order to actively respond to the changing
   trend of environment product related policies including the rise of sustainable growth paradigm and the reinforcement of environment
   regulatory systems on export merchandises centering around the EU.
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