Title 2017 Overseas Environment Cooperation Project Status of Korea (1~5)
AttachFile 17IS-68_2017_Overseas_Environment_(1-5).pdf  Date 2017-11-30
1) Name of Project  :  A Total Solution of Water Shortage on the Absheron Peninsula
   Purpose of Project :
   - Feasibility study on the byproducts and outcome of 「Recylcing Water Resource Development Oriented Composite Water Related 
     Project in Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijanl.
  - Suggestion for raising effectiveness of similar projects in the future derived.
2) Name of Project : Project for the improvement of water and sanitation in Idiofa, DR Congo
   Purpose of Project : Laying the foundation tor enhancing health hygiene of DR Congo people.
3) Name of Project : Ciliwung River Restoration Model Project in Indonesia
   Purpose of Project : Activation of Korea-Indonesia environment cooperation & expansion of Indonesian market entry with
                               implementation of Ciliwung River Water Quality Improvement Project.
4) Name of Project : Air Environment Monitoring System & Capability Enforcement PMC Consulting Service Project of Columbia
  Purpose of Project :
  - Support the installation of air pollution measurement network and measurement network operation capability reinforcement.
  - Establishment of Columbia Air Environment Policy Road Map.
5) Name of Project : 2nd Phase Ho Chi Minh City Environment Sanitation Project

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