Title Korean ECO-LABEL Certified Enterprises' Success Story (1~2)
AttachFile 17IS-71-Korean_ECO-LABEL_Certified_(1-2).pdf  Date 2017-11-30
(1) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile :Darae World Company. Ltd
   - Success Story :
  * Organize business with the hearts of mothers desiring to use the safer detergent for loving families.
  * Extensive striving for solutions through series of discussion with the KEITI, conducting the ceaseless experiments to
    manufacture  the biodegradable products while securing the cleaning power, environment friendliness, and human body stability.
   * Secured the price competitiveness advertising the environment friendly detergent by participating in the exhibitions, and
     developed  the new customers keeping the supply to the living cooperative associations.
(2) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile : DAROS Co., Ltd
   - Success Story :
   * Consistently advertised the positive advantages of ECO-LABEL certified products, obtaining mutually acceptable agreements
       through thorough discussion.
   * In-house water sensitivity adjustable technology allowing reducing the use of water incurring no inconvenience of user.
   * Pride as an enterprise manufacturing environment friendly products caring consumers.

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