Title Korean ECO-LABEL Certified Enterprises' Success Story (3~4)
AttachFile 17IS-72-Korean_ECO-LABEL_Certified_(3-4).pdf  Date 2017-11-30
 (1) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile : Wood Metal Co., Ltd
   - Success Story :
    * Acknowledged the ECO-LABEL in the course of managing those issues of waste material reduction, resource recycling & living
      commodity pollution reduction with a faith voluntarily practicing the environment management ahead of others.
    * Eventually accomplished of satisfying the corresponding standard criteria at the end of ceaseless trial productions and tests
      continuously communicating among the employees.
    * Striving to cultivating and sustaining the environment refraining the destruction of environment keeping pace with 'ECO-LABEL'
      assuring the bright future of each  enterprise.
(2) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile : The Cleang Co., Ltd.
  - Success Story :
  * Consistently upgraded the raw materials at the support of consultants in order to overcome the bottleneck, re-organizing the
    production process.
  * Promoted the environment friendly production with confidence on product differentiation and sales increase through certification of
  * Positive recognition on corporate obtained from consumers through public relation of enterprise as well as receiving suggestion
    on the environment management direction.
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