Title Korean ECO-LABEL Certified Enterprises' Success Story (5~7)
AttachFile 17IS-73-Korean_ECO-LABEL_Certified_(5-7).pdf  Date 2017-11-30
(1) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile : Hanhwa L&C Co., Ltd.
   - Success Story :
   * Operating the company as an enterprise producing the interior products taking tightly closed portion of daily life with faith of 
      being  responsible for health & safety of consumer.
   * Collectively organized the Standard Work Manual using the photographs and pictures in order to have the laborers easily
      understand the job minimizing the blinded work of persons in charge.
   *  Acquired a momentum for converting the production mind set from the manufacturer oriented management to consumer oriented
(2) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile : Phoenix Engineering Co., Ltd.
   - Success Story :
     * Began supplementing the property analysis data through close communication among the concerned parties from the raw 
       material receiving stage, eventually overcoming the obstacles as a result.
     * Phoenix Engineering Co., Ltd. practices the high quality, environment friendly material production with consistent product
       management & upgrade in order to sustain and develop the ECO-LABEL.
(3) ECO-LABEL Certified Company Profile : Samwon Tech Co. Ltd.
   - Success Story :
    *  Developed the new market with the most environment friendly products effectively reducing the harmful materials from the
       production process not just the recycling.
    * Continuously strived on the research of restoration technologies eventually maximizing the recycling rate of waste laser printer
      cartridge while minimizing the defective rate.

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