Title 15 Key R&D Projects for Advancing into Developing Countries - Feasibility Analysis Field (1~3)
AttachFile 17IS-78_15_Key_R&D_Projects.pdf  Date 2017-11-30
1. Project Name : Dissemination of innovative solar home systems (SHS) for non-electric appliances or diesel generating
   Goal : Establishment of a solar home system to supply electricity to off-grid households in developing countries and
            establishment of a roadmap to develop and promote a business model for dissemination
2. Project Name : Feasibility study of municipal waste incineration and power generation project
   Goal : Treats environmentally, economically and stably the municipal waste in developing countries and supplies scarce energy
            (such as electricity production, heating and cooling) to the surrounding area in a stable manner, and  investigates and 
           analyzes possibility of applying technologies that can contribute to the reduction of green house gas and presents strategic
 3. Project Name : Feasibility study for introducing environment-friendly compact transportation system in the Philippines
     Goal : 
   *  Local feasibility study and infrastructure establishment plan for local export and post management of low cost eco-friendly       
      transportation equipment (tricycles)
   * Local feasibility study for ADB support project proposal
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