Title 15 Key R&D Projects for Advancing into Developing Countries Demonstration Business Field (1~3)
AttachFile 17IS-79_15_Key_R&D_Projects.pdf  Date 2017-11-30
1.Project Name : Demonstration of power generation facility for improving the productivity of farming and fishing areas based on renewable energy
 Goal :  Aimed to improve the productivity of farming and fishing villages by constructing power plants based on new and renewable energy in general farming and fishing areas of developing countries and linking production facilities in farming and fishing villages and designing customized demonstration complexes through optimal business design

2.Project Name : Application of Smart SBR system for treatment of wastewater in Vietnam industrial complex
 Goal : -Acquisition of Vietnam small industrial wastewater discharge treatment system and facility
 * Acquisition of processing technology and operating technology (100~1,000 tons/day) of "BOD: 30, COD: 50, TN:4mg/L" based on maximum allowable concentration A
 * Reduction of energy consumption at industrial wastewater treatment plant (more than 30%)
 * Acquisition of integrated automatic operation system
3.Project Name : Demonstration project of landfill gas capture and activity technology development
 Goal : -Prevention of global warming due to atmospheric release of untreated landfilled gas and establishment of landfill gas collection system to reduce environmental impacts such as odor, etc.
- Developing and demonstrating the optimal landfill gas collection system in accordance with the site, considering the level of technology and economic conditions in developing  countries
- Proper treatment of collected landfill gas and establishment of demonstration plant for landfill gas utilization system

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