Title 15 Key R&D Projects for Advancing into Developing Countries - Policy Planning Field (1~3)
AttachFile 17IS-80_-15_Key_R&D_Projects.pdf  Date 2017-11-30
1. Project Name : Construction base planning of new renewable hybrid-microgrid system towards agriculture-based developing
   Goal : Establish the support system for enhancement of developing countries' agriculture productivity and entry of domestic SMEs
             to developing countries through creation of new renewable hybrid system export infra to developing countries.
2. Project Name : Systematic response to developing countries' climate change disaster, forecast for prompt recovery and study on 
                         strategy to build restoration integrated system
   Goal : Aims at social․ economic safety and stability of developing countries through study on establishing strategy to build
             forecast  for systematic response to and  recovery of disaster due to climate change and restoration integrated system.
3. Project Name : Support project of building the regional detailed information monitoring system for participation of SMEs in 
                         developing countries' waste market
    Goal :
   *  Building and verification of comprehensive DB such as technology demand,  environmental regulation level, economic level, etc
      in waste energy of each developing country.
  *  Building the information DB such as technical power, intellectual property right, credit rating, etc of domestic SMEs having waste
     energy-related technology.
  *  Building and verification of automatic matching system between developing countries' DB and domestic SMEs' DB.
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