Title Awareness Survey of Korean Bio-industry on 'Nagoya Protocol'
AttachFile 17IS-83-Awareness_Survey_of_Korean_Bio-industry.pdf  Date 2017-11-30

1. Overview
- The result that the Ministry of Environment-affiliated National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) conducted a survey of awareness on Nagoya Protocol to bio-industry·employees in research field using internal and external genetic resources shows that the awareness increased a little.
- To impact of adoption of Nagoya Protocol on bio-industry using genetic resources and its ripple effect, 45.1% of total 250 respondents answered moderate, negative answer was 29.2%, positive answer was 15.2% and no impact was 10.4%.
- On the difficult things of preparation for coping with Nagoya Protocol, they answered in the order of response to legal dispute 31.4%, whether to apply Nagoya Protocol 24.1%. condition of interest share 23.4%, access procedure to genetic resources 20.4% and demanded the governmental support.
* For the preparations for coping with this, identification of interest share procedural information is 41.6%, grasping countries giving genetic resources is  27.2% and investigating whether to ratify the  countries providing genetic resources is 16.8%.

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