Title Harmful Material Multimode Sensing Technology Trend and Current Status
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Contents Harmful Material Multimode Sensing Technology Trend and Current Status

1. Overview

* For early detection of bioterror reactors and quick and accurate detection and analysis of harmful materials which pose threats to the environment and the body, NBIT based harmful multimode sensing system for harmful materials is developed.

* By confirming high speed and high density materials, the Nano web based harmful material filtering and selective detection technology has demand for research from harmful material management technological perspective to allow optimum reaction early on. For realizing ultra sensible sensing harmful materials based on Nano technology non surface carbon group Nano structure group manufacturing technology is needed and for developing Nano bio framework, the original technology which can mix bio materials to which Nano structures show biological features for toxins and contaminants need to be procured.

* Technology to grow carbon Nano tube using CVD, to develop manufacturing technology of old non-surface carbon Nano tube sheets and for Nano web structure of multi function using carbon Nano tube sheets is developed.

* Technology to measure the mass of harmful materials using voltage changes of cantilever consisting of piezo electric materials and technology to measure the mass of harmful materials through measuring change in vibrations of griffins are developed.

* Technology to detect harmful materials using electric features of low level carbon materials is developed.

* Analyzed suitability to research body high particles which combines abnormally to bio terror reactor (changed toxins and virus) and suitability of bio terror reactors in Nano web based multimode sensing system and established measuring device for measuring multimode property.

* Manufactured carbon Nano tube sheets by developing growth technology of carbon Nano tube which is capable of spinning using chemical vapor deposition method (CVD).

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