Title Market Trend for Impact Survey Technology of the Geological Ecology System with Chemical Substance Leakage
AttachFile 16Data-117_Market_Trend_for_Impact_Survey_Technology_of_the_Geological_Ecology_System_with_Chemical_Substance_Leakage.pdf  Date 2017-08-15
Contents Market Trend for Impact Survey Technology of the Geological Ecology System with Chemical Substance Leakage

1. Overview

* With industry growth and economic development, leakages of rapidly increased chemical materials occur often in Korea and damage therefrom is not small. Accordingly, we currently need establishing systematic measures for it.

* At occurrence leakage of chemical substance, due to lack of understanding of conditions of movements of contaminants within the soil and underground water environment, suitable reaction measures are not being proposed and detailed research on this is not sufficient.

* At the time of leakage of a large amount, technology to evaluate whether it reached the underground water through the soil and about underground water quality and for efficiently responding to the accident and minimizing damages, the technology to evaluate reactions between leaked chemical substance and geological ecological system in advance.

* Leaked harmful chemical substances go through various reactions with geological mediums and move and expand to soil and underground water environment and for procedures relating to movement and expansion of the chemical substances within the soil and underground water can be understood through interdisciplinary research due to complexity of reaction procedures with underground water and soil mineral features.

* As the soil underground water environmental feature of the leaked site of the chemical substances significantly affects the movement of the chemical substances and need to evaluated, reduced and managed incorporating the features.

* To quickly react to leakage of chemical substances which occur often due to industrialization, it is necessary to minimize enormous amount of national and economic loss and damage including the human environment.

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