Title Status of The Waste Industry and Review of Major Companies
AttachFile 17IS-2_Status_of_The_Waste_Industry(1).hwp.pdf  Date 2017-08-23
Contents 1. Overview
- The amount of waste generations will maintain an increasing trend together with economy growth; in particular, it is expected that the generation of construction wastes will maintain a high level. The amount of waste generations is an important factor in the waste industry from the aspect of service demand for waste processing and supply of recycled goods as raw material.

2. Background and Current State
- Status of Waste Generation
* A daily average of 402,000 tons (as of 2014) of waste is generated from daily life and business activities.
* The construction/designated/business wastes occurring from industrial activities are increasing with economy growth; the household wastes are maintaining a stable trend.
* Waste disposal through landfill is decreasing continuously while recycling shows an increasing trend.

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