Title Excellent Clean Technology (1)
AttachFile 17IS-3_Excellent_Clean_Technology_(1)(1).hwp.pdf  Date 2017-08-23
Contents 1. Overview
- The basic idea of ECOPROFIT is a mutually beneficial model using integrated environmental technologies to strengthen local businesses economically while simultaneously improving local environment.
- Followings are the ones that have been selected by Korea National Cleaner Production Center as one of the best ECOPROFIT technologies.

2. Background and Current State
- ECOPROFIT, the Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology, is a program for sustainable economic development developed by the Environment Department of the City of Graz, Austria, in 1991.
- In 2005, under the cooperation among Cleaner Production Center of Austria, Korea National Cleaner Production Center, and United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO), Project ECOPROFIT KOREA was initiated.

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