Title A Mid- & long-Term Planning for Improvement of the Water Industry's Base Technologies and Establishing Its Commercialization Support System
AttachFile 17IS-4_A_Mid-_&_long-Term_Planning(1).hwp.pdf  Date 2017-08-30
Contents 1. Overview
- As the growth of the domestic market is slowing down, it is now time to actively expand into the overseas market for the continued growth of the domestic water industry.
- As of 2013, the scale of the domestic market was USD 9.1 billion, corresponding to 1.6% of the international market. However, compared with the worldwide market's yearly growth of 4.2%, the local market's growth of 3.1% is slowing down. Thus, it is expected that the gap will widen.

2. Background and Current State
- As emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa are growing, the water market is expected to expand rapidly around these countries.
- As Vietnam, India and Saudi Arabia are expected to show a yearly average growth rate of over 10% in the next 5 years, they are considered opportunity markets for water industry.
- In Korea, six national wastewater terminal processing facilities will be fully improved in profit/loss sharing private sector investment business(BTO-a) method; the total project cost is expected to be 81.2 billion KRW, while the total operating expenses during the consignment operating term(15 years) will reach 509 billion KRW.
- As of 2015, Korea's export amount is estimated to be 16.5 trillion KRW while manufacturing takes the largest share, amounting to 1.62 trillion KRW(98.4%).

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