Title Korea Domestic Environment Market with KW 98 Trillion Scale on Growth Trend
AttachFile 17IS-11_Korea_Domestic_Environmenthwp.pdf  Date 2017-09-19
Contents 1. Overview
- Encouraged by the Korean Government driven Environment Industry Growth Support Policy, the Korea domestic environment industry has been overall enjoying the growth trend retained these days. As of year 2014, the total sales amount reached approximately KW 98 trillion including the export of KW8.2 trillion, respectively increased by 9,2% and 3.4% versus the previous year. The prospect of year 2020 sales amount is estimated as over KW140 trillion.

2. Background and Current State
- Reviewing the respective sector of environment industry, the Resource Recycling & Management Sector (31%) and Water Management Sector (27%) take approximately 60%, and 17.7% of Sustainable Environment Resource Sector, 10.4% of Atmospheric Air & Climate Preparedness Sector, and 7.8% of Environment Safety & Health Sector in order.
- The number of participating contractors has been continuously increasing recording 34,196 firms in 2011, 49,913 in 2012, 56,411 in 2013, and 57,108 in 2014, whereas the firms attending the resource recycling & management sector are of 37.9% taking the largest share while the new industry areas of sustainable environment resource sector and climate preparedness sector are under substantial growth trend.

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