Title Metropolitan Area Landfill Site, a Mecca of Korean New Renewable Energy
AttachFile 17IS-13_Metropolitan_Area_Landfill_Site.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-09-15
Contents 1. Overview
- The Ministry of Environment (Minister Kim, Eun-Gyeong ) and metropolitan area Landfill Site Management Corporation (President, Jae-Hyun Lee) announced that they plan to expand the dissemination of new renewable energy such as biogas, landfill gas, photovoltaic power generation, etc using the waste and idle site in the capital area and to develop metropolitan area landfill site as center of new renewable energy.
* Currently, metropolitan area landfill site has fossil fuel import-substitution effect equivalent to 8.4 billion won annually and obtains the good result such as electric power sales revenue, etc. by collecting the biogas generated in the food waste treatment process and landfill gas generated from the landfill and by utilizing them as resource recovery plant fuel, power generation, etc.
* In addition, it will erect total 250MW photovoltaic power generation plant in stages at the predetermined site of Landfill 4 and Landfill 2 where the landfill will be completed in 2018 for the purpose of producing the electric power which about 80,000 families can use in 2021.
- They aim at creating the revenue of about 43.7 billion won annually by producing⋅power generating biogas from food waste and landfill gas from landfill, and producing the energy which about 80,000 families can use by erecting total 250MW photovoltaic power plant at the idle site by 2021.

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