Title Ministry of the Interior and Security, Undertakes Improved Administrative Service Introducing AI Technology to Dispose Large Domestic Waste
AttachFile 17IS-22_Ministry_of_the_Interior.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-09-07
Contents 1. Overview

- The Ministry of the Interior and Security (hereinafter "MOIS") undertakes the administrative service improvement introducing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ease the inconvenience of residents created from the discharge of large domestic waste.
* MOIS (Minister, Kim Bu-Gyeom) and Eunpyeng-gu, Seoul (Gu-head officer, Kim Woo-Young) carry forward 'AI object recognition-based large domestic waste disposal system construction' project in earnest through '2017 public service support project utilizing cutting-edge information technology'.

2. Background and Current State

- Currently, we have to go through the complicated procedure of visiting dong community service center in person or accessing the homepage of gu-office and reporting the large waste, paying the fee, affixing the sticker and discharging the furniture to waste the large furniture such as wardrobe, table, etc.

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