Title “Need for Expanding Water Supply through Reuse, Desalination & Smart Water”
AttachFile 17IS-23_Need_for_Expanding_Water.hwp.pdf  Date 2017-09-07
Contents 1. Overview

- Recent years the Korean peninsula has undergone extreme drought and the precipitation is at the level of 56% of average year, and every region is on high alert in securing agricultural water and living water. Besides, Damage of crops and livestock is getting more serious due to premature heat. The Davos Forum, Switzerland (World Economic Forum) held in 2016 has selected ‘Water Scarcity’ as No. 1 of global risk to be encountered in the future.

2. Background and Current State

- Water scarcity becomes a reality step by step, not far into the future. Main causes are increase of population, urbanization and change of personal dietary life which are well-known keyword. The problem is with that there is not much usable water even though there is much water on Earth. Besides, drought, flood which cannot be controlled due to climate change recently, water pollution due to industrialization, etc make the stable water supply in the future more difficult.
- Eventually, regional imbalance of demand and supply becomes issue. It's all the more so because we cannot carry the usable water by ship like oil. According to ‘2009 future report of water resource’, the percentage of shortfall compared to the demand, the regional difference is big such as India 20%, China 25%, South Africa 17%, etc. In the entire global, the gap between water demand and supply of water in 2030 is expected to widen up to 40%.

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